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title pic How to stop my dog from itching?

Posted by admin on May 9, 2013

I have a jack russell x shih tzu in auckland, nz who is a year and a half and she has a skin condition where she is always itching. i have taken her to the vets a few times and given her steroids, medicated shampoo and other tablets to try and help her but shes still itching. i dont want to keep giving her different drugs because i dont think it is healthy for her. What else cud i do to help her stop itching?

Oh no…it is bad news that your dog has been treated with seroids. Never, ever give steroids to your dog again. If you do, you are setting yourself up for a long time of misery and huge health problems for your dog, including chronic skin issues.

I guess many vets nowadays assume that pet owners just want to see their pets get better above all else and if they are not sure about what the problem is they will prescribe steroids knowing the risks.

Steroids do not cure anything, they just mask the symptoms temporarily but the underlying cause remains.

As Dr. Karen Becker, DVM states – "Steroids (also called prednisone, cortisone or the nondescript “allergy shot”) are the least optimal treatment choice, as they work by suppressing your pet’s immune system. Not only can steroids have a negative effect on your pet’s liver, adrenal glands and kidneys, but suppressing your pet’s immune system with steroids also allows for opportunistic yeast and bacteria to grow on your pet’s skin…" Please read the information below: ‘Steroids The Great Pretender – Even Low Steroid Doses Can Be Trouble’.


For your dog’s skin issues I recommend a powder called ‘Flowers of Sulfur’ (also known as ‘brimstone’ or ‘sublime sulfur’). This substance has been used for thousands of years to cure all kinds of skin ailments and if there is itching, it will stop it very quickly. Among many other uses, it has been effectively used as a remedy for bacterial and fungal infections. Google it to learn more about its healing properties.

Even vets have forgotten about this wonderful and inexpensive remedy but fortunately you can still purchase it at your local pharmacy for very little money.

Flowers of sulfur is safe to apply to your pet’s skin but take care not to inhale sulfur powder.

You can dust this powder on your dog’s skin OR mix it with an oil to rub on the skin. I prefer the latter.

The dusting can easily be accomplished if you use a powdered sugar duster or an empty talcum powder bottle. Separate the hair as you go around dusting to expose the skin until you have covered it.

Alternatively, mix 2 tablespoons of flower of sulfur with 1 cup of Jojoba oil and put it in a bottle. Always shake to mix well before applying to the skin as it tends to separate. You do not need to wear gloves as it is not toxic to humans either.